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       WWIA’s mission is to encourage good management of  woodlands for aesthetics, timber, water quality and control, wildlife habitat, plant propagation, and recreation. The group holds regular programs and field trips throughout the year. 

We are private citizens committed to increasing the utilization of local timber resources without degrading the beauty and  riches of our forests. WWIA provides members with opportunities to increase their knowledge of proper woodland care through forestry education programs, the appreciation of conservation practices, fieldtrips and indoor lectures.      
     Those of us who own forest land control a valuable asset. Although trees are renewable resources, careless logging can upset the forest's delicate balance for many years. Managing our woodlands is an ethical challenge to look beyond immediate personal needs and leave a living forest legacy to future generations.
    As the demand for high-quality wood continues to rise, woodland owners will receive unsolicited offers for their trees from timber buyers. Lack of professional knowledge in marketing and selling your timber often results in obtaining only a fraction of the value and may permanently downgrade the quality and quantity of your woodlot. The decision to harvest trees should be based on the management plan developed according twskihe landowner's long-term objectives. Woodland management programs provide a means for limited resources to be used in the most productive and environmentally sound way.             
    As a member of the Westmoreland Woodlands Improvement Association, you will learn more about productive ways to use forest resources while preserving their natural beauty for future generations.  
    The future of our county forests depends on you. Make an informed choice--join Westmoreland Woodland Improvement Association today. Click here for a membership brochure, or email tony@wcdpa.com for more information.

2021 Officers:
   President: John Hilewick
   VP: Fred Lau
   Secretary: Terry Gates
   Treasurer: Tony Quadro

Voting Directors: Judith Gallagher--Publicity,  Tim Troup, Russ Davies,

   Neva Shields, Rodney Gerhart 
Associate Directors:

Bill Baber

Raul Chiesa    

Janet Sredy          

Robert McBride - Retired DCNR-BOF Service Forester

Levi Canon - Professional Technical Advisor, DCNR - BOF Service Forester
Russell Gibbs - Professional Technical Advisor, DCNR - BOF Service Forester

Michael Doucette, Professional Technical Advisor, DCNR BOF Service Forester

                                                                                                                                                                 Duff Park, Murrysville 

We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit