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Winter Woody Decor
        Browse through any home magazine this time of year and you’re sure to find carefully crafted displays of festive floral arrangements...Did you know that many of the most popular stems used in home décor could come from your own backyard or woodlot?  Many of the looks we’ve come to admire in Martha Stewart may be right out your back door! Read more of our December blog

Wavyleaf basketgrass is an invasive grass that destroys native forests and damages wildlife habitat. It has been moving into Pennsylvania from infestations in Maryland and Virginia. DCNR is asking the public to report any sightings in Pennsylvania and to help stop it from spreading. Learn more....

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The Westmoreland Woodlands Improvement Association provides a forum for all those who have an interest in woodlands. WWIA recognizes woodlands as renewable resources, and encourages their management for aesthetics, timber, water quality and control, wildlife habitat, plant propagation and recreation. Members of WWIA learn about productive ways to use forest resources while preserving their natural beauty.

Raul Chiesa and Janet Sredy own forest land in Forward Township, Allegheny County. They are certified tree farmers and were recognized in 2015 as the National Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year.  Read their recent Op-Ed: Protect Pennsylvania's Forests